11 Jan 14
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9 months ago
Hi :) Do you make by chance some one shot if someone asks you ?

Depending on the group, maybe! (Thank you for the interest despite how long this blog has been dead for omg)

8 Jul 12
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2 years ago
Be Professional

Kris used to think that the only people who had ever touched his underwear were his mom and himself.

Except that he just walked in on Chanyeol standing in front of Kris’ chest of drawers, holding up a pair of Kris’ boxers to his lower area.

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1 Jul 12
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2 years ago
Title: I Mustache You a Question.
Pairing: Gongchan/CNU
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Just an fluffy one shot I made up before I went to sleep c: Sunwoo tells Chanshik a lie about Dongwoo…

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22 Jun 12
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2 years ago

The first time the topic comes up is when Kris answers a question hopelessly wrong in class.

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31 May 12
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And Yet, the Stars Keep Shining (2/?)

Jinki cast one last glance in the direction which Jonghyun had long gone before following the secretary into the office.

She let the door close right after her, almost slamming Jinki in the face. He shoved the door to prevent it from coming in contact with him and it flew into the wall, resounding throughout the office with a loud crash. “Oops,” he plainly said.

The sharp-looking woman turned around and met Jinki with a harsh glare. “You think this is funny?” she spat.

"Well, if I thought it was funny, I think I’d be laughing -"

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18 May 12
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2 years ago

a bit peachy on the side update

11 May 12
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2 years ago

update on ‘a bit peachy on the side

very short, but haha. c: read here.

7 May 12
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2 years ago
A Bit Peachy on the Side | BaeIU

IU paced back and forth her dressing room, nervous about her upcoming stage.

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6 May 12
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And Yet, the Stars Keep Shining (1/?)

Jonghyun had always been a rebel.

It began in the third grade, when he kicked the teacher for not giving him an extra cookie. His parents were shocked. They apologized endlessly, though it was obvious that they weren’t actually sorry. Jonghyun’s parents were the kind that thought their children were gifts from heaven. They probably thought the teacher deserved it for not treating their son better.

In the fourth grade, Jonghyun pulled the fire alarm, just because. He figured that no one took the drills seriously, since everyone already knew beforehand that they were happening, so he thought he should see if they were actually helping. The bells began clanging throughout the school and, as expected, all the kids went crazy. The teachers, too. Shows how good the school system was.

Fifth grade was probably the worst. Or best, depending on how you look at it. Fueled by his intense hate for the principal, Jonghyun somehow managed to get every printer in the school to print seemingly endless copies of MR. JOHNSTON IS A NASTY BUTT-LICKER. Everyone had a good laugh, even some of the teachers. That didn’t stop Jonghyun from being suspended for a week, though. Why he didn’t get expelled was beyond him.

Junior high was, in Jonghyun’s opinion, the best three years of his life. He entered the gates on the first day of school and was already known as a bad-ass. Perfect.

He lived up to his reputation and vandalized the desks, the walls, anything he could get his hands on. The teachers were exasperated and pretty much gave up on him, but that was okay. He didn’t need an education, anyway. As if the teachers actually taught anything.

He didn’t have any real friends, but he didn’t care. As long as people respected him, what was the difference? He ruled the school. Everyone loved him.

Sophomore year in high school was when things began to change.

He was packing up his things at his locker, ready to ditch another day of school, when a student officer stopped him. “Class is that way, you know,” he said, pushing up his glasses.

Jonghyun rolled his eyes. He had never been stopped from leaving before, so why should he stop now? He pushed by the scrawny male, only to be grabbed in a surprisingly strong grip.

"Did you hear what I just said? Go to class. I could care less what you do in there, but at least pretend to be learning something here."

Though he was initially a little taken aback by the nerd’s attitude, Jonghyun quickly recovered. “Listen, you little nerd, I’m going out no matter what. Either you let go of my wrist, or we’re gonna have a problem on our hands. Sound reasonable?” Jonghyun gave a snarky smirk.

Jonghyun sensed some hesitation from the other, and, feeling his vice-like grip loosen, took off running.

The “nerd,” as he had been called, gazed after Jonghyun with something that would be called jealousy, if not for the traces of pity mixed in. He was about to head back into the office when one of the secretaries stomped out.

"Jinki, did you just let him leave? You idiot, come in here right now! We’re going to have to see about your position as leader if you can’t even keep a simple delinquent from leaving campus."

"Christ," Jinki whispered, "here we go again."

6 May 12
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2 years ago
An Encounter in Fall

Chanshik was reading a light novel during his lunch break. He wasn’t extremely interesting in the book, but he had nothing better to do.

 Not very outgoing in character, he’s been isolated from his fellow classmates. Chanshik doesn’t mind however, because no one in particular ever interested him.

 No, he’d much rather spend his Wednesday early afternoon laying on a small hill under a tree, reading a book about a woman who never understood the desire of time machines. 

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